Nordic Europe Hakan Hardenberger

Håkan Hardenberger trumpet
Colin Currie percussion

Wednesday 15 November 7.30pm
Trinity Church, Mansel Road, SW19 4AA
Tickets: £32/£26/£20 (Student £5)


The best trumpet player in the galaxy

The Times

... quicksilver runs of notes at a mere fraction above the breath level where the instrument stops making a sound at all was an awesome experience



Colin Currie:

The world’s finest and most daring percussionist

The Spectator


Håkan Hardenberger trumpet

Colin Currie percussion

The trumpet player Håkan Hardenberger and the percussionist Colin Currie delighted the audience. This was not at all an everyday event. Who would have thought that contemporary music could be so thrilling yet relaxing at the same time.
Allgemeine Zeitung, Hannover

Joe Duddell Catch duo for Trumpet an dmarimba
Luciano Berio Sequenza for Solo Trumpet
Tobias Brostrom Dream Variations for Trumpet and Percussion
Brett Dean New work for Trumpet and Percussion
Rolf Wallin Realismos Magicos for Solo Marimba
Lukas Ligeti Tangle for Trumpet and Percussion

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Colin CurrieColin Currie

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